About Us

It is our belief that when a student feels a connection to the work they are doing the more engaged they will be. Our tote bags provide the opportunity for EVERY student to feel connected, represented, and valued. Each bag is filled with important items such as crayons, markers, construction paper, body shape cutouts, bandaids, a book, and lesson plans that help each teacher provide materials and experiences that accurately represent the students in the classrooms and community.

We estimate that every tote bag we give provides a positive, long-lasting impact to the educational and social emotional experience of at least 20 students, but we also know that these items can be used for several years, therefore providing an even greater impact to our community. That being said, the real impact comes when you see a student presented with these supplies, and for the first time in their lives, they pick up a crayon of their choice and exclaim, “This crayon matches my skin!” Or when students work together to help find the perfect crayon for their project. These students are excited for their friends when they find just the right match. The impact is heard in the conversations that open up when students have the opportunity to talk about their families, cultures, and experiences. A simple crayon has the ability to open dialogue while fostering an environment of inclusion and a greater connection to their classmates and learning. Messages from parents let us know that they finally feel like their children are being seen and represented in their classrooms and are thankful that their children have been provided this opportunity. Letters from teachers let us know just how necessary these supplies are when they write us letters thanking us for providing them with an opportunity to change the narrative for students in their classrooms. As one of our recipients has said, “The Color Me Important Bag you delivered this week is such a welcome and amazing gift. Thank you so, so much for this. I am so excited about your organization and its mission. It is of paramount importance that each child in our schools feels welcome and honored. As a system, we have historically not lived up to this goal and I am firmly committed to doing all I can to make my classroom feel like an inclusive place. Thank you for the work you and your organization are doing. This kind of concrete, hands-on action is a wonderful step to help us move forward and truly celebrate ALL of our students. Sincerely, Julie”

We hope you will join us as we strive to bring these supplies to as many classrooms as possible.