Color Me Important

To be engaged you must feel included and valued. Our goal is to engage students by recognizing and celebrating diversity in the classroom and to help every student feel important and valued. Teachers frequently are left to buy supplies for their own classrooms. Basic boxes of crayons and colorful construction paper are often on the this supply list, but budget constraints prevent many teachers from fulfilling their true wish lists. Teachers would love to offer more diverse opportunities to represent their students, especially when it comes to expressing themselves creatively. Our goal is to help teachers bridge that gap and provide students with supplies that more closely represent who they are. We gift teachers with a bag filled with multicultural products such as crayons, markers, construction paper, paper cutouts, a book about diversity and bandages in various skin tones. Apricot and brown shouldn't be the only two crayon colors to choose from and students shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to self representation. Never underestimate the power of a crayon!